Integrated Breath Therapy

What is Breath Therapy?

The Practice of Conscious Connected Breathing (also called Circular breathing) is an ancient practice used in cultures around the world for thousands of years for healing and attaining higher states of consciousness. With this method the inhale and exhale are merged, with no hesitation or holding in between. It allows one to examine limiting beliefs and emotional addictions, bring to awareness self-limiting habits, resolve life long relationship patterns, relieve the fear of death and illness, open to the capacity for self-healing, and experience states of pure unconditional love, acceptance and bliss.​Integral Breath Therapy can involve components of conversation therapy, breathing exercises, art, music, and bodywork to help people become more self-aware. Individuals, couples, and groups can all benefit from this therapy. It should be overseen by a qualified professional. I am a Integral Breath Therapy Trainer and Facilitator. With me by your side, we explore past and present situations that have caused unhealthy habits and relationships, poor self image, dis-ease, anxiety and chronic illness. Together with the breath we explore ways in which our “The Breath Tells The Story” I train coaches, therapists and other professionals how to utilize this exponential technique to help clients gain life changing results.