Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is used worldwide as a powerful therapeutic and energetic healing modality.  



Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy approaches therapy from a deeply caring and dynamically healing perspective. As a highly trained practitioner I believe each client holds the self-determination and the belief that deeply within your own subconscious mind, the key to your own individual health and healing lies.

Our first task as a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy clinician is learning how to speak the language of the subconscious mind. In talk therapy or counseling sessions we have spent years communicating with the conscious mind of our abused, addicted, depressed and anxious selves, In speaking with the conscious mind of our clients, we can offer them behavioral solutions, insight, empathy and positive affirmations. We can try to help them understand their difficulties, but this method contains limitations and often does not produce long lasting changes in their emotions or behavior. It does not relieve their anxiety or depression and talking certainly is extremely limited in treating and eliminating addictive behavior.

It is mainly through learning how to access this deeply personal guidance held within each human being that Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy excels. The subconscious mind contains 90 percent of the mind and within that 90 percent is the deeply held key that unlocks the client’s individual inner guidance.

Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

Will I  know what’s going on around me during hypnotherapy? 
You are aware the entire time during hypnotherapy. You have 100% control of how deep you go, and you are the master of your own healing. 

Will I be cured after one session? 
You will definitely get some relief after the first session. It all depends on how deep you allow yourself to go, or how resistant you are. Many factors will determine how many sessions you may need to clear a particular problem.

Is there a discount if I purchase more than one session upfront?
Yes, I have package deals for three, six, or ten sessions.


  • $125 for 1 session
  • $330 for 3 sessions
  • $600 for 6 sessions
  • $900 for 10 sessions


  • Each session runs one and a half hours, except for the first session
  • Everyone receives an extra 30 mins without additional cost for the first session.
  • Contact me for a 15 minute free phone consultation