Vision Board Workshop

Come discover and rediscover your hearts desires! Its all about you! Who you are and what you want to do, be & have!

​We will be taking the time and digging deep to open our hearts and experience the joy of being grateful. We will be creating our own personal canvas with pictures, words and more! We’ll laugh, chat and share in a welcoming and fun environment.

We’ll dig deep and uncover the hidden aspects of the person you are meant to be. It’s time to spend time just for you!

  • Discover & rediscover your heart’s desires
  • Time to clarify & create what you truly want in your life
  • Space to map out the ideal outcome in your life
  • A Beautiful Vision Board
  • Time to breathe and relax

Gratitude Workshop

Similar to the Vision Board Workshop but coming from a place of gratitude! You’ll create a beautiful collage on canvas made with pictures, words and anything else that’ll strike your fancy. You’ll take time to reflect on all that’s good in your life. Gratitude opens you up to receive more, operate at a higher frequency and be more joyful!